Meet Grant Knipp: 10 Questions with Our Newest Enduraphin Athlete

Meet Grant Knipp: 10 Questions with Our Newest Enduraphin Athlete

We are thrilled to announce Grant Knipp as the latest athlete to join the Enduraphin family! Grant, an outstanding collegiate baseball player from Campbell University, is making his mark on the path to the professional leagues. His leadership, passion, and dedication to excellence align perfectly with Enduraphin’s values.

Dive into our Q&A session to discover more about Grant and his remarkable journey!

10 Questions with Grant Knipp

1. To make it professionally, you must overcome adversity. Tell us about your most memorable moments of enduring through challenges.

My most memorable moment of overcoming adversity was hitting a go-ahead home run in the Big South Championship. I had been going through a lot of ups and downs throughout the course of the season and to finally come through when it mattered most was one of the best feelings.

2. How has your approach to training evolved from high school to now preparing for a professional career?

My approach to training has evolved from high school to now by becoming more movement focused. My training in high school was more focused on getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Now that I am preparing for my professional career, my training has been more focused on putting my body in positions in the weight room to help me be successful on the field.

3. What role has your family played in your journey to becoming a professional athlete?

My family has played the role of being my biggest support system in my journey to becoming a professional athlete. Throughout my college career, I think I could count on two hands how many weekend series they did not attend. Their support does not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate all of the love and support they show me.

4. What's your go-to smoothie recipe?

My go-to smoothie recipe is a strawberry banana smoothie with some vanilla Enduraphin Whey Protein powder.

5. What’s a typical day in the life of Grant Knipp like, from morning to night, as you train for the MLB Combine?

A typical day in the life as I train for the MLB combine looks like:
                      Wake up and eat a big breakfast
                      Head over to the field to do my daily throwing and hitting
                      Head over to the weight room to get a lift in
                      Head back over to the field to do all of my recovery work
                      Go get a good lunch
                      Go hangout with the guys and relax
                      Go get a good dinner
                      Head back to my apartment to relax
                      Get a good night’s sleep

6. How do you mentally prepare for a high-stakes game?

I mentally prepare for a high-stakes game by drinking two Red Bulls, eating a banana with peanut butter, and listening to some music.

7. Tell us about an influential coach in your career, and what’s the best advice they’ve given you?

I have been blessed to have many influential coaches in my career, but I would say Coach Haire has been my most influential coach. The best piece of advice that he has given me is that the world treats winners different than it treats losers.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your downtime when you’re not training or playing baseball?

When I am not training or playing baseball, I enjoy playing golf with the boys.

9. Tell us about what your college and the time spent there means to you.

Campbell University is a very special place. The people there are one of a kind and have shaped me into the man I am today. I will always cherish my time at Campbell and I will always make sure to go back to the Creek to visit.

10. What are your long-term aspirations outside of baseball?

My long-term aspirations outside of baseball are to become a coach and give back to the game that has given so much to me.

Bonus Fun Question: If you could trade places with any professional athlete for a day, who would it be and why?

If I could trade places with a professional athlete for a day it would be Will Smith because I want to know what the feeling is like to be one of the best catchers in the MLB and I want to know what the feeling is like to win a World Series.


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