Enduraphin Welcomes MLB Prospect Grant Knipp to the Team

Enduraphin Welcomes MLB Prospect Grant Knipp to the Team

Buies Creek, NC - Enduraphin, an innovative performance nutrition company working in team sports, is proud to announce the signing of collegiate baseball standout Grant Knipp as its newest brand athlete. Knipp, who has excelled at Campbell University, will continue to put Enduraphin's products to the test as he prepares for the MLB.

Knipp, who achieved a .402 batting average and hit 18 home runs through 29 games in the 2024 season, was introduced to Enduraphin via his former strength and conditioning coach, Matt Rodriguez. He immediately loved the convenience of the PHINTECH bottles and the great taste of the flavors.

"Enduraphin's products have been a game-changer for me," said Knipp. "The ease of use and high-quality ingredients make a noticeable difference in my training and recovery. I'm excited to join Danny & Mike in building a brand that continues to care about athletes."

Knipp has made significant strides in his baseball career, known for his powerful hitting and strong defensive skills. His journey, marked by overcoming injuries and consistently pushing the boundaries of his performance, exemplifies the resilience and determination that Enduraphin values. Knipp will be using Enduraphin’s products rigorously and providing valuable feedback to help enhance their offerings. He will also collaborate with the brand to endorse its benefits to fellow athletes and coaches, sharing his journey and experiences.

Enduraphin was founded by high school friends Danny Drake and Mike Dalberth after extensive research with dietitians and strength coaches. They sought a more efficient way to fuel athletes, leading to the development of the first recyclable blending bottle pre-packed with either Whey Protein or Athletic Fuel powder. These products are third-party tested for sport, ensuring athletes receive clean and efficient nutrition.

"We're thrilled to have Grant join Team Enduraphin," said Danny Drake, Co-Founder of Enduraphin. "In Buies Creek, they coined the mantra 'Nobodies from Nowhere,' and I believe Grant plays with that chip on his shoulder. Watching him go from Stopper behind the plate to 100 mph on the mound has been impressive to see. We look forward to working with him to inspire more athletes to fuel their bodies with simple, quality ingredients."

Enduraphin currently works with over 80 Division I programs and a growing number of professional teams. With the addition of Grant, the brand aims to expand its reach to even more baseball athletes and teams, continuing to inspire them to fuel their bodies with simple, quality ingredients.

For more information about Enduraphin and its products, visit www.enduraphin.com.

Grant Knipp, Enduraphin Athlete, Swinging
Grant Knipp, Enduraphin Athlete, Pitching
Grant Knipp, Enduraphin Athlete, Celebrating a HR

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Enduraphin is an innovative Ready To Mix sports nutrition company on a mission to create revolutionary products to simplify performance nutrition for elite athletes. Their patented PHINTECH™ bottles come pre-packaged with a single serving of Athletic Fuel or Whey Protein powder. Simply shake, fill to the fill line, shake, drink and recycle! Prefer smoothies at home, now get our powder in bulk , 30-60 serving, pouches. 


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